Community Guidance Panel

Background and purpose of the study:

The CLEAN Meds study is making a list of the best and most commonly used medicines for Canadians. We call these medicines “essential medicines.” We are also studying what would happen if these essential medicines were given for free in Canada. Studies in other countries have shown that giving the best and most commonly used medicines for free can reduce mistakes made by doctors and save people money.

The community guidance panel is a group of 6 to 10 community members. The community guidance panel will work with the study team to make important decisions about the study. This will help make the study useful for Canadians.

Who can join the panel?

The panel is open to all members of the community.

What will panel members do?

Panel members will share their thoughts with us on:

  1. The study plans to measure patient experience
  2. The study plans to involve the community
  3. The study plans to share results with the community
  4. Understanding the results and next steps

What do you need to know about the panel?

Panel members need to know these important points:

  1. Panel members will work with the study team and make decisions about the study together.
  2. Our goal is to make the panel reflect the diversity of Ontario. We are asking for social information on the panel application that will help us do that. Social information are things like your language, race and gender.
  3. Panel members will be paid back reasonable costs related to taking part in the panel. For example, subway tokens, taxi trips, mileage, babysitting and parking costs may be paid back.
  4. Panel members will be paid $18.69 for each hour they take part in panel activities.
  5. Panel members must be able to speak English.
  6. Panel members must be able to come to meetings in person in the City of Toronto.
  7. Panel members must try to come to at least 80% of monthly meetings beginning June 2015.
  8. The panel will continue until July 2017.
  9. Meetings will take place once a month.

For more details, please click on the “Terms of Reference” button below:

Terms of Reference

What are the risks and benefits of taking part?

There are no risks to taking part in the panel. Thoughts shared by panel members will shape the study. We will share study results with Canadian governments. Panel members have a chance to give their time to a study that may impact people’s ability to obtain free medicines in the future.

Other benefits to taking part are:

  1. Building new skills
  2. Building confidence
  3. Feeling good about helping others

How will your personal information be protected?

All information collected in the study will be kept safe, secure and hidden. Your contact and social information may be collected online or by telephone. Your contact and social information will be stored on separate computers that need a password to enter. While your contact and social information is stored alone from each other, they can be linked together. This linking is important because it helps us call people we have chosen for the panel after review of social information. If you are chosen for the panel, your contact information will be used to reach you during the study. If you are not chosen for the panel, your contact information will be destroyed. After panel members have been chosen, social information will be stored for future study purposes. At this point, social information will be held in a way that it cannot be linked back to you.

If chosen to be a panel member, your thoughts during panel meetings may be recorded, but will be kept nameless. You will be thanked for taking part in an online website and other media. Your name will not be attached to any thoughts shared. Please note that no information that points to you may be shared by us without your okay. When the study is done, all contact and social information will be destroyed.

Our research ethics board may look at the information you give us to make sure we are keeping it safe, secure and hidden. The research ethics board may contact you as part of their work.

What if you choose not to take part?

Taking part in this study is your choice. You can choose to not take part at any time. There are no fines or penalties for choosing not to take part.

Will study findings be shared?

We may share the panel process and results with the community using reports, presentations and other ways. A list of community guidance panel members will be shared to thank them for sharing their thoughts.

Who can you talk to if you have questions?

If you have any questions about the study or community guidance panel, please call or e-mail Dr. Nav Persaud at: 416-864-6060 x. 77578 (email:

Research Ethics Board contact:

If you have any questions about your rights on this panel, you may call the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Ethics Board at 416-864-6060 ext. 2557, during business hours.